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News: 30 June 2020

Organization year end updates

Organization 2019 year end updates. Year 2019 was an outstanding and very busy Championships year for our organization. A Few days ago we shared with you the end year summary from Championship perspective as this was fantastic year for international ultrarunning, with six ultra-distance championships covering all regions. Now we would like to share more about our organization that stands behind those developments and which works all the yearlong to deliver world class events. Our aim is and always was to support Athletes, Federations and organizations.

News: 5 July 2021

Nominations for IAU Committees

IAU Committees are a huge part of our operations. We rely to them for IAU's everyday functioning from communications to technical and to records. Volunteer members in these committees bring their knowledge and expertise to the table and assist in promoting this global sport.

News: 18 January 2021

IAU Labelling Committee January Virtual Call

IAU Labelling Committee – first Virtual Call on Jan 16th, 2021 The IAU Labelling Committee was established in January 2021 and on January 16th, 2021 the first virtual call took place. There were representatives from the Committee and IAU on the call.

News: 1 November 2020

Jan Vandendriessche retires from the IAU Executive Council

Jan Vandendriessche retires from the IAU Executive Council We would like to inform you that after more than 16 years of service for IAU Jan Vandendriessche decided to retire from his position as IAU director due to personal reasons. His decision will be effective as of November 1st 2020.

News: 30 June 2020

2019 IAU Executive Council Meeting

2019 IAU Executive Council Meeting. The IAU Executive Council Meeting is held yearly in January in Monaco. In 2019 from 11 to 12 January the Council had opportunity to meet and discuss several topics. Here are few of them that we would like to share the key information with you so you can see what where the IAU is aiming for in the future as a worldwide organisation.

News: 30 June 2020

Career Award

IAU Career Award Announced & Call for Committee MembersThis year IAU will be initiating an Annual Career Award dedciated for tireless ultrarunning enthusiasts who have worked long and hard to increase the profile of international ultrarunning.

News: 30 June 2020

Continental Records � provisional list of records

Continental Records – provisional list of records. Following on from our last communication on Continental Records we would like to take a step forward and share with you the outcome of the work done so far on this initiative. As communicated earlier the goal is to absolute the Continental Records for 24H, 50K and 100K ensuring that they are all up to date. We as an organization believe that this is a great opportunity to further develop ultra-running not only globally but also in the localized regions.

News: 30 June 2020

2018 IAU Asia& Oceania 24H Championship - race report

2018 IAU 24H Asia & Oceania Championship race reportJapan dominated 2018 IAU 24 hour Asia & Oceania Championship. Yuri Matsumoto (219.112 km) and Yoshihiko Ishikawa (253.420 km) both from Japan took home gold medals in individual competition. They lead both teams for double gold medals at Team competition with Women aggregated result of 620.181 km and Men 752.474 km. This was fantastic event.

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