IAU Labelling Committee January Virtual Call

IAU Labelling Committee – first Virtual Call on Jan 16th, 2021

The IAU Labelling Committee was established in January 2021 and on January 16th, 2021 the first virtual call took place. There were representatives from the Committee and IAU on the call. Nadeem Khan, IAU President made the opening welcome and it was followed by the Labelling Committee Chair Diana Amza.

Each Committee member introduced themselves during the call and presented a few details regarding their involvement in the labelling, but most important in the ultrarunning community.

Then the main discussion took place following but not limited to the points below:

1) Goals and expectations for the Labelling Committee. Focus on development and number of label applications.

2) Statistics and labelling application process overview, including streamlining the process and reviewing the requirements.

3) First steps to take for the Committee:

Committee members will oversee their region and support including training to issue the label. The committee will also set up the role and responsibilities. This would facilitate to drive awareness around regions regarding the benefits of labelling and the minimum requirements for the application process.

4) Why the labelling is important? Benefits for race organizers from having an IAU Label as well as for the athletes. The stress was on quality over quantity.

5) Final feedback around the table.   

We are looking forward to further development of the Labelling. Once available more details will be shared.

IAU Labelling Committee

January 18th, 2021

IAU Labelling Committee January Virtual Call

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