100 K

The 100 km run is far beyond and much longer as a marathon run. And the 100 km ist the most popular and outstanding and special discipline of these distances and all the very different IAU disciplines. The 100 km road race is one discipline on which World Athletics holds record lists.

The flagship

The 100 km is our “flagship” since the World Athletics (WA) officially sanctions this distance and also ratifies 100 km world records.

The major IAU competitions are :

  • 100 km World Championships under the patronage of the WA
  • 100 km Area Championships

The valid world records in athletics are held by Aleksandr Sorokin (Lithuania) in the men's race with 6:05:41 and Tomoe Abe (Japan) in the women's race with 6:33:11 h. Many of these races are held on officially measured 5km or 10km laps, but there are also 100km races that are held on a single big lap.

Let yourself be inspired by these wonderful athletes:

Camille Herron

Portrait and Interview width Camille Herron, an American ultramarathon runner.
Camille Herron is an American ultramarathon runner. She is the first athlete to win all three of the IAU's 50K, 100K, and 24 Hour World Championships. She is the first and only woman to run under 13 hours for 100 miles and to reach 270 km for 24-Hours. - Read more

Marina Bychkova (RUS)

Interview with Marina Bychkova (RUS) 1st Place at 100km World Championships 2011
Marina Bychkova (RUS) finished 1st at 100km World Championships (Winschoten) in 7:27:19 - Read more

Nele Alder-Baerens

Nele Alder-Baerens ran 85.492km/6H !
Jacek Bedkowski had the chance to interview this remarkable German athlete. - Read more

Ellie Greenwood (GBR)

Post Race Interview with Ellie Greenwood (GBR)
Ellie Greenwood (GBR) finished 1st in the 24th IAU 100km World and European Championships in Gibraltar completing the race in 7:29:05 - Read more

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