On this section we will try to give you some more insight about the people who perform Ultrarunning.

Athletes portraits

Camille Herron

Camille Herron is an American ultramarathon runner. She is the first athlete to win all three of the IAU's 50K, 100K, and 24 Hour World Championships. She is the first and only woman to run under 13 hours for 100 miles and to reach 270 km for 24-Hours.

Athletes interviews

Ala Baydoun Jordan

Ala Baydoun. I'm 38 years old. I work for the World Health Organization. I'm so passionate about running, health and nature.

Therese Falk Norway

IAU Athlete Interviews & News -Therese Falk (NOR) Therese did her first Ultra marathon back in 2013 which was the Stockholm 50K and since then she has competed at a variety of distances including time based races. Therese took part in the Bislett 24 hour race and she covered a distance of 261.170Km

Kathia Rached Lebanon

Kathia Rached is a Physical Education Teacher by day, a runner at all times and a personal trainer in between. She is a member of the Lebanese Athletic Federation and she become the first Lebanese and Arab to join the 4 Deserts Club. Her passion is running ...

Peter van Wijngaarden (NED)

Peter van Wijngaarden is an ophthalmologist and medical scientist based in Melbourne Australia. In this podcast he talks about his introduction to the sport of ultra running

Fiona Hayvice (NZL)

Wayne Botha, member of the IAU Communications Committee spoke with the remarkable New Zealand (NZL) 24hr representative Fiona Hayvice

Marina Bychkova (RUS)

Marina Bychkova (RUS) finished 1st at 100km World Championships (Winschoten) in 7:27:19

Nele Alder-Baerens

Jacek Bedkowski had the chance to interview this remarkable German athlete.

Ellie Greenwood (GBR)

Ellie Greenwood (GBR) finished 1st in the 24th IAU 100km World and European Championships in Gibraltar completing the race in 7:29:05

Susan Harrison (GBR)

Susan Harrison finished first at the 2nd IAU 50km World Trophy Final with a time of 3:15:42.

Colleen Makaza (ZIM)

Colleen Makaza finished first at the 2nd IAU 50km World Trophy Final with a time of 2:47:21.

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