IAU Labelled Races. We have revised the criteria for IAU labels for ultradistance races to improve the standards of the events and the accessibility for race organisers and for the link to the form click below.

Why an IAU Label?

The IAU decided to introduce the IAU Labelling in 2008 to ensure that:

  • The race course is measured to conform to the WA regulations, and this is especially important when a World or Continental Best Performance is run. It is the only way performances can be compared.
  • The race is recognised by its own National Athletics Federation, to bring "ultrarunning" closer to the National Federations.

The result is that only performances in the IAU labelled races will be recognised officially by the IAU This is not only important for possible "Best Performances" but also for the calculations of the Travel Grants which are distributed at the occasion of our Major IAU Competitions (MIAUC´s).

Important changes being brought in for 2015

The IAU Executive Council in January 2014 agreed to update the IAU labelling system and agreed the key changes below to come into force for 2015 and beyond

  • All Labels will now be free on application.
  • There will be a separate IAU Trail label with separate requirements for course measurement
  • Course measure for IAU labelled races must be by certified course measurers (national level for bronze and silver, AIMS/WA certified for gold labels)
  • Technical delegates appointed for silver and gold labels
  • All IAU labelled races must provide results signed by the race referee
  • A reminder that all applications must be made with online application available at IAU website and that IAU labels need to renewed annually (online as well) with the relevant valid certification.

The current guidelines still in place issued on 2020 is provided below
Labelling guideline

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