Marina Bychkova (RUS)

Interview with Marina Bychkova (RUS) 1st Place at 100km World Championships 2011

Marina Bychkova (RUS) finished 1st at 100km World Championships (Winschoten) in 7:27:19

Nadeem Khan (NK): Great race Marina. Congratulations. How are you feeling after the win?

Marina Bychkova (MB): Thank you. It was hard race. It was 100kms. But I am very happy. Good feeling.

NK: What kind of training do you do Marina?

MB: Not too very big volume. I work towards races. I have marathon in 2:37. I giving attention to my speed. About 10X1000m in 3:20-3:25.

NK: You recently had a baby, about a year back, how is it coming back after birth?

MB: It was difficult. No relax absolutely. No sleep. But it pushed me.

NK: What is next on your racing calendar?

MB: I want to run a marathon. Show good time in the marathon. But very important to do well in the Comrades marathon. It is a strong marathon.

NK: How did you find running in Winschoten?

MB: Its positive atmosphere. Many people support me to give me power to win.

NK: I wish you All the Best and I hope to see you again next year.

MB: I hope I will come.

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