Results of the 1st IAU 24H Americas Championships

Women individualMen individualTeam results

On November 12th – 13th 2022, the 1st IAU 24H Americas Championships took pace in São Bernardo do Campo, Brazil. Athletes from 6 Federations: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Mexico, Paraguay and Uruguay were taking part of the event on 400m track. During the weekend it was nice and warm weather, great conditions for 24H event. There were 21 women and 24 men that started the competition. From the beginning the leading pack in men competition set the ton of the race and the medalist set their places already after 20 hours. In women competition the winner for first 4 hours was below top 10 but after 12 hours everything was in order and all medalist were leading the race. The same as for men after 20h the final order of the medalists was set.

Fagna das Chagas Sousa from Brazil and Fernando Martinez from Uruguay are the first Champions of the 2022 IAU 24H Americas Championships. The second place went to Angelina Grassi from Uruguay and Gabriel Mafalda from Brazil. The third and bronze medal went to Mariana Luisa Allende from Argentina and Jose Adailton Barbosa from Brazil.

In the Team competition for women gold went to Argentina and in men competition to Uruguay. Second places went in both cases to Brazil and bronze to Uruguay (women) and Mexico (men).

This was great event and fantastic opportunity for athletes to compete for the first time at 24H continental championships in Brazil.



Women individual

1. Fagna das Chagas Sousa BRA 213.480 km

2. Angelina Grassi URU 207.215 km

3. Mariana Luisa Allende ARG 204.986 km

Men individual

1. Fernando Martinez URU 246.047 km

2. Gabriel Mafalda BRA 225.772 km

3. Jose Adailton Barbosa BRA 220.088 km

Women Team

1. Argentina 612.072 km

2. Brazil 584.619 km

3. Uruguay 580.325 km

Men Team

1. Uruguay 637.808 km

2. Brazil 616.601 km

3. Mexico 612.595 km


Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication




Results of the 1st IAU 24H Americas Championships

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