Harry Arndt passed away

Last Sunday the DUV founder and honorary president Harry Alexander Arndt died in Hanau shortly before his 86th birthday.  Harry was a IAU founder member and remained the technical director of the IAU until 2008. When he retired he became an honorary IAU life member.

He loved the international nature of the IAU and I remember him well for always ensuring that we had all the right flags for our events.

Hilary Walker, IAU General Secretary.  

Harry completed his first ultra run in Biel back in 1971. In the following years he became a very fast 100 km runner, which he crowned in 1983 with a personal best of 6:49:17 and the age group world record for the seniors M45. In addition, he reached 239.2 km in the 24-hour run. He led the DLV national teams as team leader between 1988 and 2003 to more than 50 individual and team medals at IAU Championships. More info about Harry you can read at DUV website

Harry was a founding member of the IAU and we owe tremendous amount of gratitude for his hardwork during those initial years. The IAU mourns his loss and we extend our condolences to Harry's family.

Nadeem Khan, IAU President

Our thoughts are with Harry Arndt´s family and the German ultrarunning family during these very difficult times.

IAU Executive Council

November 19th, 2022

Harry Arndt passed away

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