Final results for 2023 IAU 50 km World Championships

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We just completed the race and we are sharing final results from the event. There were 77 athletes that completed the Championships, 31 women and 46 men. In the team competition we had 4 women teams and 7 men teams. Finally, 17 Federations were represented in the championships.  

CHAKIB LACHGAR LATRACHE (ESP) is the new Men IAU 50 km Champion with finishing time 2:48:20. The second place went to ALEJANDRO JIMENEZ VICENTE in finishing time 2:49:30. Third place goes to JESUS ANGEL OLMOS PASCUAL with finishing time 2:50:12. Spanish athletes took entire podium.  

In the women competition the new Women IAU 50 km Champion is Carla Molinaro (GBR) with finish time 3:18:23. Second place goes to Andrea Pomaranski (USA) in 2:19:07 and third place to Sarah Webster (GBR) in 3:20:07. This was great victory for Great Britain as they had 1st and 3rd place individually.


1. Carla Molinaro (GBR) 3:18:23

2. Andrea Pomaranski (USA) 3:19:07

3. Sarah Webster (GBR) 3:20:07

Photo by Jacek Bedkowski


Photo by John O'Regan





Photo by Jacek Bedkowski


Photo by Jacek Bedkowski

In the Team competition Great Britain for women and Spain for men won gold medal. USA and Croatia were second and third at women competition and India and Great Britain second and third in men competition. The standing is as follow:

Women Team

1. Great Britain 9:59:07

2. USA 10:18:11

3. Croatia 10:53:20

Photo by Jacek Bedkowski

Men Team

1. Spain 8:28:02

2. India 8:48:50

3. Great Britain 8:51:58

Photo by Jacek Bedkowski

Overall Spain and Great Britain won 4 medals for each team, Spain 3 individually and 1 in team competition. Great Britain 2 individually and 2 in team competition. There are 2 medals for USA, one individually and one in team competition. Finally Croatia and India won 1 medal for each country.

Final overall results are provided here.

Women Overall

Men Overall

Women Team

Men Team



Jacek Bedkowski

IAU director of Communication

Final results for 2023 IAU 50 km World Championships

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