IAU 24H World Championships 1-2 December 2023 Chinese Taipei Invitation

General Information sheet (GIS) updated Aug 24thList of updates to GIS - Aug 24th

Please note there were some minor changes to GIS on WMA entry form and discount code for China Airlines. GIS updated version from August 24th is added as well as list of changes.


To All IAU Federations.

Dear General Secretary,

Its with great pleasure that we, IAU, WMA and CTAU invite you to send your athletes to the IAU 24H World Championships in Taipei City on 1st - 2nd December 2023. Please note that this is one day earlier than originally advertised. We will also be holding the mid-term IAU Congress on 30th November at the venue.

We provide in the link above the General Information Sheet (GIS) which gives you the details of accommodation and travel as well as the course venue. Please note that both the Preliminary and Final Entry Foms (PEF, FEF) which need to returned to the LOC and myself by the following deadlines were already shared with the Federations as well:

  • PEF August 28th 2023
  • FEF October 16th 2023

Looking forward to seeing your teams in Taipei City in December. You will also be getting the invitations for the IAU 50K World Championships in Hyderabad, India on 5th November in the coming days.


World Master Championships
Registration Form:  https://www.simplyregister.net/register/?e=124644

Hilary Walker
IAU General Secretary

IAU 24H World Championships 1-2 December 2023 Chinese Taipei Invitation

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