Hideaki Yamauchi JPN

Hideaki Yamauchi, hailing from Japan, has carved an indelible mark in the world of ultra-distance running, particularly excelling in the IAU 100km World Championships. His journey from being a member of a tennis club to becoming a two-time winner of the IAU 100km World Championship is nothing short of inspirational.

Yamauchi's athletic prowess first came to light during his student years when he was part of a tennis club, using running as a means to enhance his physical fitness. His transition to long-distance running was marked by his participation in the Katsuta Marathon during his sophomore year, where he finished with an impressive time of 2 hours and 47 minutes. However, it was his debut in the 100km race at the Fuji 5 Lakes 100km Challenge in 2011 that truly showcased his potential, securing a remarkable 2nd place.

The turning point in Yamauchi's career came in 2016 when he clinched 2nd place at the Lake Saroma 100 Km Ultramarathon, earning him a spot to represent Japan for the first time at the IAU 100km World Championships. His performance at the championships was nothing short of extraordinary, as he emerged victorious with a stellar time of 6 hours, 18 minutes, and 5 seconds. This triumph was repeated in 2018, solidifying his status as a dominant force in the ultra-distance running community.

Notably, Yamauchi's victories in both the 2016 and 2018 IAU 100km World Championships were characterized by his exceptional ability to surge ahead in the final 10km, a testament to his unwavering determination and remarkable endurance.

His international representation for Japan extended to the IAU 100km Asia and Oceania Championships, where he showcased his resilience by securing top positions, winning in 2019 and placing 3rd in 2023. Yamauchi's inclination towards pushing boundaries was further evident in his participation in the 24-hour race, achieving distances of 207.400km in 2010 and 235.280km in 2011.

Yamauchi's dedication to his craft is reflected in his daily routine, where he diligently runs after work and covers 30-40km on weekends. His passion for the sport extends beyond competition, often enjoying long-distance runs with his friends, showcasing a deep-rooted love for running.

Acknowledging his exceptional achievements, Yamauchi was rightfully honored with the 2016 IAU Athlete of the Year Award, a testament to his unwavering commitment and outstanding performance in the field of ultra-distance running.

Hideaki Yamauchi's journey from a tennis club member to a two-time IAU 100km World Champion exemplifies the epitome of perseverance, dedication, and an unyielding spirit, inspiring athletes and enthusiasts alike to push their limits and strive for greatness in the world of endurance sports.


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