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Florian Reus is a renowned ultrarunner known for his exceptional endurance and consistent performance in ultramarathons around the globe. Born in Germany, Reus discovered his passion for running at a young age. His journey as an ultrarunner began with an inspiring report about the Biel 100 km night run in Switzerland. Just a year after commencing his running endeavors, he triumphantly completed the race in Switzerland, marking the genesis of an illustrious career. In 2006, he clinched the title of the youngest runner ever to win the German championship in the 24-hour run in Reichenbach im Vogtland, thus signaling the beginning of his specialization in the ultramarathon discipline. His subsequent victories, including a defense of the title in Scharnebeck by covering an impressive distance of 233km, solidified his status as a force to be reckoned with in the ultrarunning sphere.

Florian Reus's career boasts an array of exceptional achievements, including numerous titles and records that underscore his prowess in ultrarunning. Notably, in 2015, he ascended to the summit of the ultrarunning world by clinching the World Championship in the 24-hour run in Turin, Italy, covering a staggering distance of 263.9km, a feat that earned him the prestigious IAU Athlete of the Year award. His dominance extended to the Spartathlon, where he not only secured victories but also set new German records, exemplifying his exceptional abilities in enduring long-distance races. He is the only male athlete who won IAU 24H Championships and Spartathlon at the same year. 

Reus's personal bests serve as a testament to his exceptional endurance and unwavering determination, including remarkable achievements such as covering 263.9 km in the 24-hour run in Turin, Italy, and completing the grueling Spartathlon in 23:17 hours. His record-breaking performance in the 48-hour run in Brugg, Switzerland, further cements his status as a trailblazer in ultrarunning.

Personal bests

  • 24h run: 263.9 km (Turin / Italy; 2015) 
  • Spartathlon: 23:17 hours (246km from Athens to Sparta; 2015)
  • 48h run: 340.4km (Brugg / Switzerland; 2020)
  • 12h run: 152.6km (Barcelona / Spain; 2022)
  • 100km run: 7:38 h (Husum; 2014)
  • Marathon: 2:39 h (Kandel; 2014)

Running Achievements

IAU World Championship in the 24-hour run:

  • 1st place WORLD CHAMPION 2015 in Turin (Italy); 263.9km 
  • 2nd place 2012 in Katowice (Poland); 261.7km  
  • 3rd place 2013 in Steenbergen (Netherlands); 259.9km  
  • 6th place 2017 in Belfast (Northern Ireland); 258.7km  

3x European champion in the 24-hour run (record champion):

  • 1st place 2015 in Turin (Italy); 263.9km
  • 1st place 2013 in Steenbergen (Netherlands); 259.9km
  • 1st place 2012 in Katowice (Poland); 261.7km

5 x German champion in the 24-hour run (record champion):

  • 1st place 2022 in Bottrop: 253.9km  
  • 1st place 2012 in Stadtoldendorf: 255.4km  
  • 1st place 2011 in Reichenbach/Vogtland: 246.3km 
  • 1st place 2007 in Scharnebeck: 233.1km
  • 1st place 2006 in Reichenbach/Vogtland: 205.3km


Spartathlon (246 km from Athens to Sparta):

  • Victory and improvement of my own German record time at the Spartathlon 2015 in 23:17 hours  
  • 2nd place and German record time at the Spartathlon 2014 in 23:57 hours 
  • 2nd place at the Spartathlon 2013 in 25:30 hours 

Annual best lists:

  • 1st place in the world annual best list in the 24-hour run 2015
  • 2x 1st place in the European annual best list in the 24-hour run (2012 & 2015)
  • 6x 1st place in the German annual best list in the 24-hour run

Official records :

  • German record (overall) in 12 rounds in Barcelona 2022; 152.6km
  • German track record in the 24-hour run in Taipei 2014; 253.8km 
  • German record in the M20 age group in the 24-hour run in Katowice; 261.7km
  • German record in the M35 age group in the 48-hour run in Brugg; 340.4km


  • German best time (2015) and second best time (2014) by a German runner at the Spartathlon
  • Most successful German athlete in international appearances in the DLV ultramarathon squad at world and European championships
    • 1st place medal table individual ranking: 4x gold – 1x silver – 1x bronze
    • 1st place medal table individual ranking + team ranking: 6x gold – 2x silver – 3x bronze


  • Awarded “World Ultrarunner of the Year 2015” by the International Association of Ultrarunners
  • Athlete of the Year of the German Ultramarathon Association 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2007
  • Athlete of the Year for the city of Würzburg 2015 & 2013
  • Entry in the “Golden Book” of the Main-Taunus-Kreis on the occasion of the 2015 World Cup
  • Member of the national team of the German Athletics Association since 2010.


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