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Amar Singh Devanda, an Indian ultramarathon runner, has etched his name in the annals of endurance sports with his exceptional performances, unwavering dedication, and remarkable resilience. Hailing from Cheethwari village in Jaipur district, Devanda's journey from a rural upbringing to becoming an ultramarathon champion is nothing short of inspiring.

Devanda's foray into long-distance running began in 2016, a significant turning point in his life. Despite not participating in sports during his school years at Shri Krishna Senior Secondary High School, his innate athleticism and determination led him to explore the world of endurance sports. His early years were spent actively involved in farming and dairy activities, reflecting the strong work ethic and resilience that would later define his running career.

Devanda's meteoric rise in the ultramarathon circuit has been marked by awe-inspiring achievements. Notably, his victory at the 2024 IAU Asia and Oceania 24 hour Championships held in Canberra, Australia, where he not only secured the gold medal individually and as a Team but also set a new 24-hour national record for India, covering a staggering distance of 272.537km. He announced his arrival on the international stage when he achieved an impressive distance of 257.618km during the 2022 IAU Asia and Oceania 24 hour Championships in Bangalore, leading the Indian team to gold medal.

In December 2022, Devanda further showcased his endurance prowess by securing 6th position at the 24-hour event organized by the Chinese Taipei Association of Ultrarunners, covering a distance of 204.47kms. These accomplishments solidify his status as a force to be reckoned with in the world of ultramarathons.

Devanda's personal records stand as a testament to his exceptional capabilities:

  • 100 km in 7:27:51
  • 100 miles in 14:28:15
  • 12-hour run covering 140.800km
  • 24-hour record of 272.537km

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