Aleksandr Sorokin LTU

Aleksandr Sorokin, representing LTU, has emerged as a leading figure in the global running arena since 2014, making a memorable debut at the IAU 100 km World Championship in Qatar. His journey has been defined by consistent improvement, particularly in the 24-hour format. Noteworthy milestones include his triumph at the Spartathlon in 2017, followed by a bronze medal at the 2018 IAU 24H European Championship in Romania, and ultimately clinching gold at the 2019 IAU 24H World Championship in Albi, France. Sorokin has steadily elevated his personal best for the 24-hour event, progressing from 260.491 km in 2016 to 260.991 km in 2018. His pinnacle moment arrived in 2019 when he achieved extraordinary distances of 272.708 km and 278.972 km at the IAU World Championship, culminating in setting a new 24-hour world record in 2021, surpassing the legendary Yiannis Kouros with an exceptional 309.399 km (192.29 miles).

The year 2022 brought further triumph for Sorokin as he established a new 24-hour IAU World Record in Verona during the IAU 24H European Championships, reaching an impressive distance of 319.614 km. In 2023, at the IAU 24H World Championships, he secured his second championship victory, achieving another remarkable performance exceeding 300 km. Notably, he and his team secured their first gold medal at the same IAU World Championships in Taipei. Sorokin's remarkable achievements also include setting a new 100 km World Record in 2022, which he improved upon in 2023, now standing at 6:05:35. Additionally, he holds the 6-hour IAU World Record, covering a distance of 98.496 km. In an extraordinary feat, he became the first runner to break the 11-hour barrier on a 100-mile distance, achieving a time of 10:51:39 in 2022 in Tel Aviv, Israel. During the same race, he also set a new 12-hour IAU World Record, covering a distance of 177.410 km.

Aleksandr is four (4) time winner of IAU Athlete of the Year Award (2019, 2021, 2022, 2023)

Aleksandr is member of IAU Athletes Commission. 

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