50 Mile best performances

Following our previous publication regarding IAU World Records, IAU is seeking to compile a list of 50 mile Best Performances for all age groups that will be starting point to prepare final list of 50 miles record and best performances. We are publishing proposed list and open for consultations (please see table below). If there are any performances that required correction in the table below please come back to the IAU Records Committee no later than 30th November 2021. The next step will be the verification that will take place in December 2021 and final list will be published as of January 2022. As mentioned please send any required corrections to records@iau-ultramarathon.org

Category Performance Road/Split/Track Athlete Country Date of Event Location of Event
WU20 6:17:12 Split-Track Bychkova, Marina RUS 28.09.1996 Nantes (FRA)
Wopen 5:40:18 Road Trason, Ann USA 23.02.1991 Houston, TX (USA)
W35 5:55:41 Split-Track Liakhova, Valentina RUS 28.09.1996 Nantes (FRA)
W40 6:09:04 Road Boller, Caroline USA 07.04.2017 Madison, WI (USA)
W45 6:09:09 Road Kiddy, Sandra USA 01.04.1984 Columbus, OH (USA)
W50 6:18:38 Road Anderson-Abbs, Beverley USA 07.02.2015 Sacramento, CA (USA)
W55 6:31:34 Road Anderson-Abbs, Beverley USA 01.02.2020 Sacramento, CA (USA)
W60 7:32:44  Track Young, Shirley AUS 21.06.1992 Burwood, VIC (AUS)
W65 7:55:08  Track Young, Shirley AUS 29.07.1995 Burwood, VIC (AUS)
W70 8:14:12  Track Young, Shirley AUS 13.05.2000 Burwood, VIC (AUS)
W75 11:42:37* Split-Track  Klein, Helen USA 20.07.2002 San Mateo, CA (USA)
Category Performance Road/Split/Track Athlete Country Date of Event Location of Event
MU20 5:30:42 Road Cortez, Jose USA 18.10.1970 Rocklin, CA (USA)
Mopen 4:50:08 Split-Road Walmsley, Jim USA 04.05.2019 Sacramento, CA (USA)
M35 4:51:49 Track Ritchie, Donald A. GBR 12.03.1983 Hendon, Barnet, London (GBR)
M40 5:14:54 Road  Müller, Fritz GER 03.11.1979 New York, NY (USA)
M45 5:33:26 Split-Road Buquet, Christophe FRA 20.06.2009 Torhout (BEL)
M50 5:35:03 Road Corbett, Ted USA 18.10.1970 New Yory, NY (USA)
M55 5:24:00 Split-Road de Oliveira, Marcio BRA 20.06.2009 Torhout (BEL)
M60 6:17:24 Track Richtman, Mark USA 25.02.2017 Riverbank, CA (USA)
M65 7:20:01 Track Piva, Ray USA 08.03.1991 Hayward, CA (USA)
M70 7:43:28 Track Hughes, Randall AUS 29.07.1995 Burwood, VIC (AUS)
M75 8:34:28 Split-Road Piva, Ray USA 20.04.2002 San Francisco, CA (USA)
M80 10:16:17 Road Dodson, William USA 18.04.2015 San Francisco, CA (USA)
M85 16:51:10 Road Bruckert, Eugene USA 30.09.2020 Augusta, NJ (USA)


Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communicaiton

on behalf of  IAU Records Committee
October 6th 2021

50 Mile best performances

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