2024 IAU 24H Asia and Oceania Championships Provisional Results

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Dominance and Determination: 2024 IAU 24H Asia and Oceania Championships

The 2024 IAU 24H Asia and Oceania Championships, held in Canberra, Australia on 6-7 April 2024, showcased an inspiring display of endurance and skill as athletes from Australia and India emerged as the dominant forces in this grueling competition. The event commenced with a rainy start, but the weather soon improved, setting the stage for a fiercely competitive race.

The individual winners in the men's and women's categories, Amar Singh Devanda from India and Cassie Cohen from Australia, displayed exceptional prowess and determination, setting the tone for an exhilarating competition. In the men's competition, it was Amar Singh Devanda from India, Phil Gore from Australia, and Ullas Narayana from India who seized an early lead and maintained their positions throughout the race. Meanwhile, in the women's competition, Carol from New Zealand initially led the race, accompanied by Maree and Cassie, both from Australia. Ultimately, Cassie, Maree, and Jennifer, all from Australia, secured their places on the podium.

The team competition saw an early establishment of standings, with the gap between each team only widening as the race progressed, ultimately remaining unchanged until the end. A total of 45 athletes from 5 federations participated in this remarkable event.

Provisional Results

Men Top 6

1. Amar Singh Devanda (IND) - 272.537 km

2. Phil Gore (AUS) - 265.653 km

3. Ullas Narayana (IND) - 245.574 km

4. Saurav Ranjan (IND) - 240.137 km

5. Luke Thompson (AUS) - 231.753 km

6. John Bayne (NZL) - 229.447 km


Women Top 6

1. Cassie Cohen (AUS) - 227.803 km

2. Maree Connor (AUS) - 221.347 km

3. Jennifer White (AUS) - 217.430 km

4. Shannon Leigh-Litt (NZL) - 213.609 km

5. Carol Robertson (NZL) - 209.642 km

6. Allicia Heron (AUS) - 203.531 km


Team Standings


1. India - 758.248 km

2. Australia - 719.560 km

3. New Zealand - 636.679 km



1. Australia - 666.580 km

2. New Zealand - 568.401 km

3. Chinese Taipei - 551.686 km


Medal Table

Rank Country Gold Silver Bronze Total
1 Australia 2 3 1 6
2 India 2 0 1 3
3 New Zealand 0 1 1 2
4 Chinese Taipei 0 0 1 1


Provisional Results

Individual Men and Women

Team Men and Women


The 2024 IAU 24H Asia and Oceania Championships stand as a testament to the remarkable endurance and unwavering determination of these athletes, and their triumphs will be remembered as a defining moment in the realm of endurance sports.

Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication

2024 IAU 24H Asia and Oceania Championships Provisional Results

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