2023 IAU Athletes Commission Elections updates Aug 31

The Athlete nomination form for Election 2023

We are sharing with you updates for the Athletes Commission election. Following the small number of nominations, it was proposed to extend the nomination process for additional 2 weeks. Originally it was scheduled to end by August 31st, however after agreement with the Chair of the Athletes Commission it will be extended till September 14th. The remaining steps in the process will have new timelines as well.  
We will reduce time for the vetting process as we have smaller number of nominations. Finally, there will be only 3 days difference for the candidate campaign. The election form is provided in the link above. 

Below you can find all updated timelines. 

1. Nomination by Member Federations from June 1st extended till 14th Septembet 2023

2. Vetting from 15th September till 17th September 2023 including publication of the final candidate list.

3. Candidates campaign starts from 18th September till 29th November 2023

4. Elections on 30th November 2023 in Taipei during 2023 IAU 24H WC

5. Council election approval from 2nd December till 14th December

6. Publication of the final list of IAU Athletes Commission members no later than December 15th 2023

7. Appointment period 2024 – 2028

8. Next election 2028


On behalf of IAU Athletes Commission

Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication

2023 IAU Athletes Commission Elections updates Aug 31

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