2023 IAU 6H Global Virtual Solidarity Weekend Summary

You have all once again accepted, embraced and honoured the event that is becoming a tradition for us. Thank you for spreading this feeling of global solidarity across the world. This is the spirit and goal of IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Weekend.

Therefore, on March 18th – 19th we held our fourth edition of the IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Weekend. The Global Solidarity event has once again become the motivating force for our community for the first half of the year. We understood the dynamic of the situation and objectives of runners especially in time when more and more races are up and running but yet again, we are very happy to see Teams taking part of the event. Thank you for that.

In this year edition, we have had a total of 11 teams taking part in the event. This included the IAU Team as well. 86 runners took part and completed 4470.8 km with an average of over 52 km per athlete. This is almost as much as last year (56.9 km). Thank you for your commitment and dedication!

Although the top priority was to show our solidarity as a community, there were also some incredibly competitive performances amongst the results. These fantastic performance and great camaraderie helped to achieve our aim of Global Solidarity.

It was not only runners but the great number of supporters that took part in this initiative and were motivated by others. This inclusiveness contributed to the success and camaraderie of the event. We greatly appreciate every single runner, supporter, second, spectator and worker who helped us achieve our aim!

We would like to thank you all for sharing the results, great pictures, notes, reports for those, following our event on social media and contributions to all publications. In the end all the results were published and shared with you. We appreciate all the positive news that has contributed to giving our sport worldwide exposure. Our grateful thanks to all!

We will see you all again in 3rd weekend of March 2024.


Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication

2023 IAU 6H Global Virtual Solidarity Weekend Summary

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