2023 IAU 50km World Championships announcement

We are pleased to announce that the 50 km World Championships, has now been awarded to Hyderabad, India. The Championship will take place on November 5th 2023. This was the result from the December round of bidding. The championships will be organized by the Local Organizing Committee (NEB Sports Entertainment) and the Athletics Federation of India (AFI).

Hyderabad is located in Southern India. It is a major city and the capital of the state. The rulers of the Mughal Empire built Hyderabad, it appeared in the late XVI century and became the capital of Golkonda, the Islamic sultanate of Central India. Many beautiful palaces, mosques, tombs, and residential buildings of that period have been preserved in the city. Hyderabad received its name after the caliph, nicknamed Haydar, which translates as "lion". The second name is "Pearl City" because of the developed trade in pearls of various kinds.

The Organizing Committee has lots of experience in organizing competitions. They hold number of IAU continental championships and they will host 100 km continental championships is year as well.

The IAU and the LOC welcome you to participate in these Championships! We are convinced that the experienced LOC, together with the beauty of the city of Hyderabad are a great combination for hosting the IAU Championships.  You all will leave with long-lasting memories of the event and surroundings.


IAU Executive Council

February 6th 2023

2023 IAU 50km World Championships announcement

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