2022 message from IAU

If anyone had said two years back that we would still be in the midst of the pandemic, I would have possibly not believed that person. However, in January 2022 we are still taking about the pandemic.

I completely understand that it has been a very difficult two years. People across the globe have lost loved ones, their source of livelihood and living in times of uncertainty. Looking back at the last two years are surreal, humbling and heart-warming. It is touching to see how the ultrarunning community across the globe has come together as one force behind this invisible adversary - Covid-19.

We, as an international association, and you as athletes, federation officials and family members of our stakeholders have not had any IAU world events since December 2019. We all share in that pain but are also very thankful for your patience during these difficult times. The solidarity displayed by all of you has made us on the IAU very proud of being members of this global community.  

There have been some carefully planned events staged and tremendous performances achieved during this pandemic. Results have been well publicized and published. The grit, determination and above all solidarity displayed by the ultrarunning family has become the cornerstone of our community.

We take the opportunity and wish you a great 2022 year ahead of us. More importantly we look for a safer 2022 where we can renew our bond over MIAUCs at our upcoming events starting with our 3rd Global Solidarity Weekend in March and number of championships as we evaluate and safely prepare for the second half of 2022.

Once again please Stay Healthy, Stay Safe and Stay Motivated  in 2022 and beyond!

Nadeem Khan

IAU President

2022 message from IAU

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