2022 IAU 24H European Championships final results

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Women individual results updated on October 20th, 2022

On Saturday, September 17th – Sunday, September 18th the 23rd IAU 24 European Championships took place in Verona, Italy. It was one of the greatest event in IAU Championships history. Patrycja Bereznowska from Poland and Aleksandr Sorokin from Lithuania are the 2022 Individual 24H European Champions. Patrycja completed 256,250 km and Aleksander Sorokin set new IAU World Records (requires ratification) with 319,614 km.

The list of all medalists are provided below as well as full final results (links above) from the IAU 24H European Championships. In total 93 women and 120 men took part in the Championships. We had over 15 records and 5 world age best performances set during the championships (still requires ratification).

In the team competition Poland went for double and won both gold medals with 754,821 km in women and 825,525 km in men standings. In women team competition France took second with 731,727 km and Germany third with 719,582 km. In men team competition second place went to Lithuania with 817,915 km and third to Spain with 800,016 km.


Individual women

1. Patrycja Bereznowska POL 256,250 km

2. Stephanie Gicquele FRA 253,580 km

3. Malgorzata Pazda-Pozorska POL 251,806 km

Individual men

1. Aleksandr Sorokin LTU 319,614 km

2. Andrzej Piotrowski POL 301,858 km

3. Marco Visiniti ITA 288,437 km

Women Team

1. Poland 754,821 km

2. France 731,727 km

3. Germany 719,582 km

Men Team

1. Poland 825,525 km

2. Lithuania 817,915 km

3. Spain 800,016 km


Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication


2022 IAU 24H European Championships final results

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