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Hungarian Ultrarunning 6H Championship. The Hungarian 6H Championship was held in Szekszárd on 10th March 2019. This IAU Bronze Labelled Race also included an open race (6H) and 50 km as well. In the Womens Race Bleier-Cseke Lilla was a convincing winner with a distance of 77.059 km and the Men’s Race was won by Halama Levente with a distance of 81.145 km. The open race provided good competition with a fantastic performance by Gábor Muhari covering a distance of 86.485 km and the leading female in the open race Krisztina Ruscsák achieved a distance of 78.909 km. The 50 km race was won by Zsófia Malatinszky Zsófia with time 3:34:13

Photo: start

The next Championship race on the Hungarian calendar will be the 50 km Championship that be held on May 1st 2019. Another great news for Hungarian ultrarunning that has recently been released was the joint agreement between Hungarian Athletic Association and a timing system company which will lead to top quality free-of-cost timing in all ultra events in the country.

Photo: 6H Championship medalists



  1. Bleier-Cseke Lilla - 77,059 km
  2. György Terézia - 74,749 km
  3. Vágó Boglárka - 73,615 km


  1. Halama Levente - 81,145 km
  2. Bene Ármin - 78,608 km
  3. Szkridon Gellért - 78,108 km

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