2019 IAU 100 km Asia and Oceania Championship provisional results

2019 IAU 100 km Asia and Oceania Championship official results. On November 23rd we witnesses great event in Aqaba, Jordan where Athletes from Asia & Oceania participated in IAU 100 KM Championship for the region. It was double gold for Japan (Hideaki Yamauchi 7:11:42 & Mai Fujisawa 8:20:44.

The races was started with straight lead of runners from Japan on both men and women competitions. Only the last 10 km made some significant changes where men leader Tatsuya Itagaki lost control and dropped out of podium. Brendan Davies from Australia took the chance and end up second place.

Very similar situation took place in women competition however here change took place between 2nd and 3rd place. Mail Fujisawa was the leader from beginning to the end of the race.

Final results

Women Individual

Men Individual

Women Team

Men Team

Individual top 3 results


1. Mai Fujisawa (JPN) 8:20:44

2. Amelia Griffith (AUS) 8:57:02

3. Konoka Azumi (JPN) 9:03:22


1. Hideaki Yamauchi (JPN) 7:11:42

2. Brendan Davies (AUS) 7:49:16

3. Deepak Vasudev Bandbe (IND) 8:04:16

Team Results


1. Australia 30:21:40

2. India 30:40:33


1. India 24:40:00

2. Jordan 31:14:21

Thank You Aqaba, Jordan Athletic Federation, LOC, Athletes, Teams, Volunteers, Supporters

Jacek Bedkowski
IAU Director of Communication

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