2019 IAU 24 H World Championship � Official Results

2019 IAU 24 H World Championship – Official Results. Camille Herron (USA) and Aleksandr Sorokin (LTH) are the 2019 IAU 24H World Champions. In the Team competition USA took gold for both Women and Men with combined distance of 746.132 km and 799.754 km respectively. For Camille Herron with 270.116 km it was the World Best Performance (awaiting ratification) and for Aleskandr Sorokin new National Best (awaiting ratification) with 278.972 km.

In addition it was the biggest 24H World Championship with 45 Member Federations, 147 women and 205 men. Congratulation to all participants.

We are also pleased to inform you that

6 Men National Best Results were set for CZE, FRA, HUN, LTU, POL and UKR

7 Women National Best Results were set for ARG, CRO, DEN, GER, IND, URU and USA

The man medal position were as follow

1. Aleksandr Sorokin (LTH) 278.972 km
2. Tamas Bodis (HUN) 276.222 km
3. Olivier Leblond (USA) 275.485 km

The Women medal position

1. Camile Herron (USA) 270.116 km
2. Nele Alder-Baerens (GER) 254.288 km
3. Patrycja Bereznowska (POL) 247.723 km

Women Team medalists

1. USA 746.132 km
2. Poland 721.124 km
3. Germany 696.846 km

Men Team medalists

1. USA 799.754 km
2. Hungary 782.241 km
3. France 779.076 km

Full results are provided here

Individual Women

Individual Men

Women Team

Men Team

Jacek Bedkowski
IAU Director of Communication

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