statistics for 2018 Trail WC and 24H EC

IAU Trail WC and IAU 24 Hour EC preliminary race registration statisticsWe are approaching two of the IAU event schedule for the first half of 2018. On May 12th in Penyagolosa (Spain) we will take part of the IAU Trail World Championship and on May 26th-27th in Timisoara (Romania) the IAU 24 Hour European Championship. The preliminary registration is completed. Based on provided data we are delighted to let you know that we will have on both events a record number of enrolled countries and athletes.

We still have to wait for final entry forms (FEF) but we can already share some statistic for both events. We are expecting athletes from 46 countries in Spain (Trail) and 28 countries in Romania (24H). On the preliminary list for Trail WC we have 139 women and 200 men. In the 24 Hour EC we have 82 women and 97 men. With respect of numbers of countries where we have eligible number of runners to participate in the team competition it looks like as follow:

Trail WC

  • 29 Teams in women competition
  • 37 Teams in men competition

24 Hour EC

  • 16 Teams in women competition
  • 17 Teams in men competition

Deadline for submission of FEF is April 15th for Trail and April 10th for 24 Hour EC.

In addition you can find the Trail WC pre-race report prepared by iTRA here

Jacek Bedkowski
Chair of the IAU Communication Committee

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