IAU Labels for 2015 and beyond

IAU Labels for 2015 and beyond. We have reported from recent Executive Committee meetings that we have reviewed and revised the criteria for the IAU labels which come into play for 2015 and these can now be found on the website

Full details can be found can be found under the race, results and ranking section of the website in the labelling part. The key points to note are that all applications for any label are free, however,

  • there is a more precise requirement for course measurement for IAU labels but
  • there is a separate IAU Trail label for those races where precise course measurement over the varied terrain is less relevant,
  • all results will be required to be certified by the race referee and
  • technical delegates appointed for silver and gold races to observe the events for the IAU label.

Please let your race organisers know and get in touch if you have any questions. For the IAU labelling form go to "races,result and rankings"/labelling/more and the link to the form is at the bottom of the page

Hilary Walker
IAU General Secretary

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