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IAU 24H World and European Championships Turin, Italy 12H update. Turin, with a metropolitan population of 2.2 million, is the location of the world famous Sindone di Torino or the Shroud of Turin. There are many visitors to see this phenomenon, more than the number of spectators watching a 24 hour world championship race.

Also Turin (Torino) is the home to two championship events this weekend. In addition to the 24 Hr World Championships, there also is the World Championship Table Soccer (Fussball) Tournament. Interestingly the national warm-ups of both events for many countries are the same. But there is no confusion as to which venue a person belongs.

We are now half way through the 2015 24 Hour World Championship. It has been a long day and now the silence and intensity of the night sets in. Runners become quiet and introspective as they find ways to continue their journeys. The lights are on in the stadium and it is quiet except for the slap of the runner´s shoes against the surface. Turin sleeps. The park surrounding the stadium is void of people, dogs, picnics, and football (soccer) games. This is the point where the runner depends not only on their physical strength, but also digs deep to find the self encouragement to continue on. Most find that self motivation during the dark hours. Paces have slowed and efforts are made to find the right combination of food to provide nutrition while at the same time be palatable to the stomach.

With this update, we will now start listing team standings as well. You will see that currently it is a very tight race with both the first two men and the first two women less than a lap from each other.

Overall: Men Hara Yoshikaza (Japan) - 147.650 Vadim Sharkov (Russia) - 147.650 Elov Olssom (Sweden) - 141.65

Women Katalin Nagy (USA) - 129.650 Tatyana Maslova (Russia) - 129.650 Veronika Jurisic (Croatia) 127.650

Team:MenJapan 422.950Russia - 416.950United Kingdom - 404.950

WomenUnited States - 378.950Sweden - 364.950Poland - 358.950
Live chip timing results can be found at:

https://www.mysdam.net/events/event/results_31131.do and will be updated every 2K s the runners cross the timing mat.
We have put a few photos in our gallery : 2015 IAU WC 24H gallery

For various reasons the next IAU website update will be at 23Hrs ( not 18 hrs) but meanwhile the chiptime website will be giving updates on a regular basis.

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