IAU strikes a new agreement with WMA

IAU strikes a new Agreement with World Masters Athletics for return of the 100km Masters event. It is with great pleasure that we announce that the IAU has struck a new agreement with the World Masters Athletics (WMA).

The two associations have a long history of joining forces in providing ultra events to our athletes. This year will see a return of the World Athletics Championship 100km with a Masters version attached to the race.

The highlights of this new agreement are:

  • WMA sanctions ever year a World Athletics Championships 100K.
  • If the WMA is hosting a World Championship within a month of the IAU 100km World Cup, then the WMA will not be participating in the IAU event in that year.
  • IAU organizes every year an IAU World Cup 100K for national teams and has agreed to organise the WMA World Masters Athletics Championships 100K every year in conjunction with its own World Cup 100K. The competition site is decided by IAU.
  • The WMA World Masters Athletics Championships 100K is an individual competition in the WMA official five year age-groups without team competition.
  • The athlete’s age-group is decided by the athlete’s age on the day of competition. The ages are 35 years and above for both men and women to qualify for the Master’s category. Proof of age must be provided to the LOC.

We look forward to working with our counterparts from the WMA and putting on outstanding races for our athletes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
Nadeem Khan
Director of Communications

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