1st Virtual IAU Council Meeting in 2024

On Feb 17  the first Virtual IAU Council meeting for 2024 took place. We continue our practice to have regular virtual meetings to discuss our goals and plans for the year and beyond as well as updates on our Championships and initiatives. 

There were several points discussed during the productive two hours meeting with focus on upcoming championships and further development on our sport and organization globally. Below you can see the main points from discussion.

The meeting opened with short updates around the table from all IAU Council members on situation in countries and regions. It was followed by Executive Council updates on respective fields.

  • 2024 Championships
  • Meeting in Monaco with World Athletics including update on progress with the World Mountain and Trail Running Championships
  • IAU Labelling committee updates (publication to join committee)
  • IAU 40th Year celebration
  • Upcoming annual IAU Council Meeting in Madrid
  • IAU Co-opted Council Member

The next IAU Council meeting will take place in May in Madrid.


IAU Executive Council

February 18th, 2024

1st Virtual IAU Council Meeting in 2024

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