Ratification process for WBP

Where to find information on ratification process for WBP

World Best Performance Guidelines Sep 2019

Where to find information on ratification process for WBP

We are now sharing with you a short overview on the ratification process for World (Continental) Best Performance (WBP). We are getting more and more questions regarding this topic therefore we are now presentive an overview of the requirements.

We would like to stress that information on ratification process for WBP were always available on our website. In addition, this article does not replace the rules stated under our website. This is just for information and quick reference.

You can find all details under the link provided above.

In this section you will find a brief summary from the requirements. As mentioned, please refer to full guideline on our website (link above) and use this only as reference.

  • Race has to be recognized by the National Federation that it is member of IAU at the country where the race will be organized. This is important because a senior official (President, General Secretary, ...) should sign any application form in case a WBP is improved.
  • Event should be organized under World Athletics (WA) technical rules.
  • Race should have received, before the event date, a IAU Label for the year the event is going to be done.
  • Road Races need to be measured in accordance with established WA procedures as required for IAU Labels. Measurement certifications of more than 5 years won’t be considered for WBP ratification.
  • Track races normally take place on standard 400 meter tracks (outdoors) and on standard 200 meter tracks (indoors). Performances on non-standard tracks will be considered for WBP as long as appropriate certification of distance and maintenance to competition standard by the national body are provided with the WBP application.
  • Race should be supervised by National Technical Officials appointed by National Federation or by one of it's affiliates.
  • Negative anti-doping control done in the 24 hours following the end of the race is mandatory to be able to process the application (only applicable for the 50km, 100 km and 24H races). 


We want to point out that IAU also recognize Continental Best Performance (CBP). To apply for this recognition please follow the same process and requirements are the same as for WBP.

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Ratification process for WBP

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