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Yearly rankings for our disciplines


Open ratification processes 
Our record committee provided the list with all open ratification processes.

Our record committee has created a record table, which you can find below.
The records table was updated on 26-01-2020

IAU World Best Performances

The table of yearly rankings will come back soon.

IAU World Best Performances (WBP) and World Age Best Performances (WABP)

End of 2014 the list of WBP/WABP for the 3 surfaces road/track/indoor will be frozen. Beginning with January 2015 a combined list will be created which contains the best performance per age group and discipline, no matter what surface it was achieved on. This document gives some reasons for this decision.

Application Form

Please provide all documents in digital format. Acceptable formats are Word (.doc/docx), Excel (.xls/xlsx), PDF, Text, HTML, images (jpg, png, gif). Paper with signatures should be scanned to PDF format. All documents should be emailed to records@iau-ultramarathon.org

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