IAU Medical Committee Meeting

IAU Medical Committee Meets to Discuss the Pandemic

The newly formed IAU Medical Committee met late last month to get introduced to each other and also discuss various items of interest to the IAU and wider ultrarunning community.

Some of the items discussed are listed below:

1) The global status of the current pandemic and how has this been affecting participating and organizing ultra events worldwide.

2) How to bring back championships safely for the runners, spectators and officials.

3) Organizing a virtual medical conference highlighting relevant topics to ultrarunners.

The committee will meet on a regular basis and will forward their recommendations to the IAU Executive Council. The committee will elect a non-Council chair at the next meeting.

Members of the IAU Medical Committee

  • Dr. Nadeem Khan
  • Dr. Hilary Walker
  • Dr. Andrew Bosch
  • Dr. Richard Lion Caldwell
  • Dr. Yu-Hui Chiu
  • Dr. Beatrice Constandache
  • Dr. Matthias Reick


Nadeem Khan

IAU President

IAU Medical Committee Meeting

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