First Copa IAU Sudamericana Ultramarathon race report

The first edition of the COPA IAU Sudamericana was organized on 26th March in Mar Del Plata, Argentina. The 50km and 12 Hour race was a joint effort between the Argentina and Uruguay national federations.

The race featured some of the top ultra distance runners from South America competing for national, regional and continental pride. Several national and continental records were broken at the event and it was a true celebration of ultrarunning for South America.

These events are great for regional promotion and development of the sport. This also falls in IAU's goals of taking the sports across the globe starting at the grassroots level. Events such as this further offer an opportunity to runners to compete at an international level.

We would like to thank Daniel Sosto, President Confederacion Argentina De Atletismo(CADA) and Marco Melazzi, President Confederacion Atletica del Uruguay (CAU) for supporting the COPA. We would also like to extend or appreciation to Tysson Entrena(URU) and Manuel Mendez (ARG) for their tireless work in putting these championships together.

Development and promotion of ultrarunning has always been my guiding principles on the IAU. I was extremely happy when this was evident at the 1st COPA IAU Sudamericana organized in Mar Del Plata. I had the opportunity to meet with both President Marco Melazzi of Uruguay and President Daniel Soto of Argentina national athletic federations in their respective countries. I want to thank Manuel Mendez and Tysson Entrena on putting an outstanding Copa bringing together the South American ultrarunning family. Several continental and national records fell at this 12hr and 50km event.

Nadeem Khan, IAU President



In an unprecedented way, the two Athletics Confederations of Argentina and Uruguay came together to organize an unprecedented event. The IAU visualized the path to travel and commissioned us to lead a process that it wants to carry out worldwide, to hold regional events. Nadeem Khan's presence gave us an infinite boost, but also a commitment and responsibility that represented an effort that pushed us to the limit.

The South American Cup was the result of a strong commitment between those responsible for the Ultramarathon modality of the Confederations, governing bodies of athletics in each country, supported by their Presidents and promoted by the IAU, with the presence of its President.

At the official level, the official support and recognition of Sports and Tourist Interest of the Municipality of Mar del Plata was obtained, the endorsement of the Mar del Plata Athletics Federations and the Athletic Federation of the Province of Buenos Aires, the most relevant in Argentina. The Copa Sudamericana was the kickoff of a process that will undoubtedly grow at the level of development in South America.

Manuel Mendez,



Results for 12H


1. Andrea Pereira (URU) 129,285 km

2. Carla Dadomo (URU) 124,226 km

3. Sandra Rolon (ARG) 121,814 km



1. Fernando Martinez (URU) 155,714 km

2. Sergio Vergara (ARG) 137,724 km

3. Juan Cruz Bustos (ARG) 136,704 km


Results for 50 km


1. Maria De Los Angeles Pereyra (ARG) 3:43:40

2. Angelina Grassi (URU) 3:59:11

3. Vanina Cantafio (ARG) 4:06:33



1. Ulises Sanguinetti (ARG) 3:04:15

2. Manuel Herrainz (ARG) 3:08:56

3. Jorge Luis Juarez (ARG) 3:09:36


The event was extremely well organized and it has opened the doors for future regional competitions. Congratulations again to CADA and CAU for an outstanding COPA.


Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication

First Copa IAU Sudamericana Ultramarathon race report
First Copa IAU Sudamericana Ultramarathon race report
First Copa IAU Sudamericana Ultramarathon race report
First Copa IAU Sudamericana Ultramarathon race report

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