Therese Falk Norway

Therese did her first Ultra marathon back in 2013 which was the Stockholm 50K and since then she has competed at a variety of distances including time based races.

In 2014 she took part in the Bislett 24hr race in Norway and covered a distance of 203.549Km and the following year she represented Norway 24 hour European championships in Torino Italy. Jump forward to 2021 and Therese took part in the Bislett 24 hour race once again but this time she covered a distance of 261.170Km and set a new European Record. This distance is the third best distance covered for a Female in a 24hr race and puts her second on the list to Camille Herron who holds the current IAU World Record for 24hrs which stands at 270.116Km set in Albi France at the 2019 IAU World Championships

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Podcast with Therese (same as above)

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Foto: Raphael Mason.

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