Site visit at Hirosaki Japan

During the weekend of May 25-26, 2024, Nadeem Khan conducted a site visit in Hirosaki, Japan, with a particular focus on the 24 Hours race, part of a series of ultramarathon events held in the city. This visit aimed to explore the potential of Hirosaki's local organizing committee and the city at large to host future IAU 24H championships. Alongside the 24 Hours event, the ultramarathon series also featured 48 Hours, 6 Days, and 100km races. Notably, Miho Nakata, the 24H IAU World Record holder (under ratification process), participated in the 24H event.

Before start of the 24H race, photo Mr. Takazu

On the initial day of his visit, Khan met with the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and conducted an inspection of the race course. Additionally, meetings were arranged with Tanaka Yasuhiro, the vice mayor and the chief of the city's sports administration. The following day, Khan participated in the opening ceremony alongside Sakurada Hiroshi, the city mayor and engaged in further discussions regarding the championship application.

Nadeem Kahn and Tanaka Yasuhiro, photo Mr. Takazu

Nadeem Kahn and Sakurada Hiroshi, photo Mr. Takazu

The event was well-organized and saw significant participation across all races. Nevertheless, further discussions are required concerning the championship application and organizational details.

Following his visit, Nadeem Khan expressed optimism about future collaborations with the LOC in Hirosaki and the potential for hosting championships in Japan.

The site visit gave me an insight into not only logistics of organizing races in Japan but also the ultrarunning culture of one of the powerhouses of the sport. The local organizing committee has experience putting top quality races across Japan. The commitment of the city of Hirosaki was quite evident during my time in the city. We look forward on working further with the local authorities and the athletics federation to pursue opportunities for a future championships.

Nadeem Khan, IAU President 

We are looking forward to the next steps in the process of the application and cooperation with LOC in Hirosaki.

Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Communication Director

Site visit at Hirosaki Japan

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