Sandile Ngunuzza (RSA)

Interview with 2nd Place Finisher Sandile Ngunuzza (RSA) at the 2nd IAU 50km World Trophy Final

Sandile Ngunuzza finished the race in 2nd Place with a time of 2:53:05.

Nadeem Khan (NK): Sandile, congratulations. You must be very happy with your result today?
Sandile Ngunuzza (SN): At this moment I am actually happy to experience to run outside of South Africa. I am pleased.
NK: Take me through your race. How was it for you?
SN: The race was actually fine. At least next time if we can get early invitation so we can train and run fast times. This time we got only 6 weeks notice to come down here.
NK: What is your next race?
SN: It is the Dublin Marathon.
NK: When is the Dublin Marathon?
SN: It is in October.
NK: What is your goal time there?
SN: I am hoping to run well and run sub 2:20.
NK: What kind of mileage do you do for something like this race?
SN: I like to do 150-160 every week. This type of training is to run an ultramarathon.
NK: Well, Sandile I hope you are pleased with you race and I wish you similar success at the Dublin Marathon.
SN: Yes, I am happy and thank you.

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