Susan Harrison (GBR)

Interview with 1st Place Finisher Susan Harrison (GBR) at the 2nd IAU 50km World Trophy Final

Susan Harrison finished first at the 2nd IAU 50km World Trophy Final with a time of 3:15:42.

Nadeem Khan (NK): Congratulations. Even before the race started everyone was talking about Susan Harrison. How was your race?
Susan Harrison (SH): It is fantastic. I didn’t really know what to expect. This being my first 50km. I just wanted to go out there and see what happens. I am very happy right now.
NK: Being a marathon runner, how did you find the last seven kilometres and change?
SH: Actually no. I felt stronger today than what I have felt in some of my marathons. Part of that has to do that I was running at a slight slower pace than I have run in the marathon. Apart for my feet hurting the last few loops, I felt good.
NK: So have you gotten the ultra bug or are you going to stick to marathons?
SH: Probably a bit of both. I still think I can run a faster marathon. This has given me a taste of ultramarathons. Maybe run a 100km who knows.
NK: What is the next race on your calendar?
SH: I am not sure at the moment. This being my ultra run, I don’t know how fast I will recover. I am going to give it a few days and see how my feet are and then plan my races. Maybe a marathon in October/November.
NK: How does the ultra crowd differ from the marathon crowd?
SH: It is really friendly People kind of know each other. Great people to be around.
NK: Good Luck for the rest of the season.
SH: Thank you very much.

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