Colleen Makaza (ZIM)

Interview with 1st Place Finisher Colleen Makaza (ZIM)

Colleen Makaza finished first at the 2nd IAU 50km World Trophy Final with a time of 2:47:21.

Nadeem Khan (NK): Congratulations Champ. How was the race today?
Colleen Makaza (CM): Yes, it was a fast course. It was raining, four types of weather within two hours man. It is raining, sunny, we got everything. This is my best time in 50km.
NK: You have been running with the other racers from South Africa for a while. Where you guys talking while out on the course at all?
CM: We know each other. I have raced with them in South Africa. We were all trying to improve our times.
NK: Was there a point in the race when you were trying to push the pace and see if the others come with you?
CM: Yes, I knew everyone and we were trying to push each other. Sometimes they beat me and sometimes I beat them. Today was my day.
NK: You must be happy with your race.
CM: I am very happy the way I ran and the time I was good.
NK: You are coming to my home country Canada to run soon. How is that coming along?
CM: I am thinking to run there. I might come down to Niagara Falls Marathon. Next year I am hoping to be there for two to three months.
NK: What kind of training do you do for a race as competitive and difficult as this?
CM: Sometimes you go for mileage. You need high mileage for this. I go for 2-3 hour runs to get stamina and build muscles. You need speed too.
NK: Colleen, congratulations again and have a safe flight back to South Africa and Zimbabwe.
CM: Okay. Thank you.

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