IAU Virtual Global Solidarity Weekend Invitation

Invitation IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Weekend 2022

To All IAU Member Federations.

Dear General Secretary.

IAU Virtual Global Solidarity Weekend Run 19/20 March 2022 Invitation and Entry Form

The IAU 6 Hour Global Solidarity Run has been an overwhelming success and popular amongst the ultrarunners. An event that was initiated to bring the IAU family together during the pandemic has become a source of hope and a beacon of optimism for the global ultrarunning community.

As a result of this resounding demand we had designated the third weekend of March as the IAU Global Solidarity weekend in recognition of the difficult times endured by all during the pandemic. This year's event is being organized on  March 19th - 20th 2022. It will follow the same format as previous years and is listed further down in this document.

We sincerely hope that your federation will participate in this event and be part of this growing ultrarunning experience. Furthermore, we also look forward to seeing you at one (or several) of our IAU championships that are planned for later this year.

Please note that the Invitation along with the entry form was sent to all Member Federations. Deadline for submission entry form by Federations is March 6th 2022.


Hilary Walker

IAU General Secretary

February 16th 2022


IAU Virtual Global Solidarity Weekend Invitation

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