IAU Labelling Committee Announces New Members

During the recent IAU Executive Council meeting in Madrid, the Labelling Committee presented their reports and proposed amendments to the labelling system. Following the previous publication inviting new candidates to join the group, the Committee has announced significant changes and additions.

Jari Tomppo has been appointed as the Vice-Chair of the Committee, bringing valuable expertise to the team. Paco Rico will now oversee the operation from the IAU Executive Council perspective and serve as the vital link between the Committee and the IAU Council.

Joining the Committee are six new members, each bringing unique perspectives and expertise to the table. The new members are:

  • Isaac Yuen Wan-ho (Hong Kong)
  • Ollie Garrod (GBR)
  • Peter Szabo (HUN)
  • Anthony Lee (IRL)
  • Astrid Gagliardi (ITA)
  • Ákos Lengyel (HUN)

The current members of the Committee are:

Chair: Carmen Yolanda Jiménez Martín (ESP)

Members: David Kennedy (AUS), Mercedes Acuna (ARG), Jari Tomppo (FIN), Carmen Yolanda Jiménez Martín (ESP)

In the infographic below, you can find the regional responsibilities for labelling for each Committee member.

Responsibilities by regions:

  • Carmen Yolanda Jiménez Martín: North America, Caribbean and Eastern Europe
  • David Kennedy: Australia and Oceania
  • Mercedes Acuna: Southern and Central America
  • Jari Tomppo: Northern Europe
  • Isaac Yuen Wan-ho: Asia
  • Ollie Garrod: Western Europe
  • Peter Szabo: India
  • Anthony Lee: Southern Europe
  • Astrid Gagliardi: Central Europe
  • Ákos Lengyel: Africa

The IAU Labelling Committee is excited to welcome the new members and looks forward to their valuable contributions to the labelling system. These changes mark an important step forward in the Committee's mission to enhance and improve the labelling process.

For more information and updates, stay tuned to our official channels and publications.


Paco Rico                                                                                           Carmen Yolanda Jiménez Martín

IAU Director of Planning                                                              Chair of the IAU Labelling Committee

IAU Labelling Committee Announces New Members

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