IAU Executive Council meeting with Janet Ng President of ITRA

On November 20th 2021, the IAU Executive Council had a meeting with Janet Ng, President of ITRA. Janet was elected President of ITRA on Saturday 11th September 2021 by the organization’s steering committee. Since 2015, Janet has been the treasurer and a member of the Executive Board of the association. Janet is the first female president of ITRA.

We had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and Janet made a short introduction to the council as well. A number of Executive Council members have had the pleasure of acquaintance with her in the past. It was the first time to have such a meeting and there is mutual agreement for future cooperation on the trails and for joint championships such as the WMTRA.

“It was truly kind for Nadeem to give me the opportunity to meet the wonderful members of the IAU Executive Council from across the world. I very much look forward to working together on strengthening our cooperation, developing the sport and bringing about spectacular championships for all to enjoy.”

ITRA President, Janet Ng

"ITRA and IAU have had a long running partnership. We are looking forward to continuing that in the future. This will be in full force at the next year's World Trail Championships where ITRA, WMRA and IAU will join forces with WA to bring the championships to the world. Janet has been a personal friend for a number of years and I do really look forward to working with her."

IAU President, Nadeem Khan


Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication

IAU Executive Council meeting with Janet Ng President of ITRA

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