IAU Executive Council Annual Meeting in Madrid

The IAU Council Meeting in Madrid, held on May 17-18, 2024, addressed a diverse array of critical agenda items and discussions, focusing on organizational matters, financial updates, and strategic planning to bolster the IAU global presence and operational efficiency. There was a detailed financial report over the last years and updates on the travel expenses policy. The Records Committee and Labelling Committee presented their reports, proposing amendments to the labelling system, while the Technical Committee provided vital updates on timekeeping and guidelines for labeling and other competitions. Furthermore, discussions on communications, area reports, and the status of upcoming championships were integral parts of the meeting's agenda.

The second day of the meeting centered  and updates on partnerships with key athletic organizations such as World Athletics (WA), World Masters Athletics (WMA), International Trail Running Association (iTRA) and World Mountain Running Association (WMRA). There was  discussions on marketing and sponsorship possibilities, alongside updates on the WMTRC and the status of IAU Championships for 2024 and 2025. Several action items were identified, including the review and update of the anti-doping policy, and the exploration of a long-term strategy for timekeeping systems. Additionally, the meeting set the date for the next Congress and Election in Albi, France, on October 17th, 2025.

In addition to these critical discussions, the meeting also featured conversations related to the IAU's 40th anniversary celebrations and the development of regions.The meeting also highlighted the need to address challenges such as traveling costs, federation interest in ultrarunning, and the organization of championships in these regions.

The comprehensive discussions and strategic planning undertaken during the IAU Council Meeting in Madrid underscore the organization's commitment to operational excellence, global outreach, and the commemoration of its significant 40-year milestone.

Summary from the meeting, Nadeem Khan, IAU President

IAU Executive Council

May 20th, 2024

IAU Executive Council Annual Meeting in Madrid

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