IAU Africa meeting in Douala Cameroon

The IAU Africa meeting took place during Senior African Championships in Douala, Cameroon on Sunday, 23 June 2024. The meeting was attended by Nadeem Khan (IAU President), Chief Solomon Ogba (President of IAU Africa), Hilmy Aboud Said (General Secretary of IAU Africa), Siddig Ibrahim, (Sudan Athletic Association, CAA Member), General Jackson Tuwei (World Athletics VP & President of Athletics Kenya), , Andriamahazo Norolalao (Fédération Malagasy d'Athlétisme, CAA Member), Khaled Amar (Athletics Tunisia President), Tagara Tendayi (President of National Athletic Association of Zimbabwe), Samira (1st Vice President of Fédération Tchadienne d'Athlétisme), Falilatao Tchanile (President of Fédération Togolaise d'Athlétisme), Majani Ibrahim (Acting President of Fédération Comorienne d'Athlétisme) and Fuseini Bawah (President of Ghana Athletics Association). The main theme of the meeting was around stepping towards further ultrarunning development.

Left to right front: Siddig Ibrahim, General Jackson Tuwei, Nadeem Khan, Chief Solomon Ogba

Left to right top: Andriamahazo Norolalao, Khaled Amar, Tagara Tendayi, Samira, Falilatao Tchanile, Majani Ibrahim and Fuseini Bawah 

The meeting was attended by representatives from 12 African countries, reflecting a strong commitment to the advancement of ultrarunning in the region. The discussions were centered around the growth and development of the sport, with an emphasis on creating a robust framework for the expansion of ultrarunning activities across Africa. Focus on discussing strategies for increased membership, future championships, the calendar of events, and the structure of IAU Africa.

Nadeem had individual met with representatives from 54 African Federations during the Senior African Championships, discussing future IAU Championships, various topics related to athletics and ultrarunning in Africa. The meeting addressed the participation of nations like Togo and Ghana in ultraraces and their potential affiliation with the organization including IAU Labels for races organized in such countries.

Notable individuals, such as Sebastian Coe (President of World Athletics), Raul Chapado (WA VP and RFEA President) and General Tuwei (WA VP and President of Athletics Kenya), were met during the event to further discuss cooperation and development of ultrarunning.

The meeting provided a platform to deliberate on the future championships and the calendar of events for ultrarunning in Africa. Participants exchanged ideas on hosting high-profile competitions that would not only showcase the talent and potential of African ultrarunners but also serve as a catalyst for inspiring the next generation of athletes. The importance of creating a well-structured calendar of events that offers diverse and challenging races across the continent was highlighted as a crucial step towards promoting the sport.


Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of Communication

IAU Africa meeting in Douala Cameroon

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