IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Run Australia

Australia Team results

IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Run Australia

We are pleased to share results for Australia Team. Congratulations and thank you for participating in the Global Event.

Thanks for hosting such a great virtual event. We had a lot of fun in Australia and it really brought our members together.

Ewan Horsburgh

Australia was proud to be a part of the IAU 6hr Virtual Solidarity Run that took place over the weekend of the 29th - 30th August.

With such great interest from the running community, AURA was able to field a full team of both 9 Males and 9 Females, from all across the country. The weekend was able to bring together all the runners virtually through their running and support of each other, with great friendships and camaraderie forming.

Over the 2 days it was great to be able to follow everyone’s runs and what each was able to produce, with everyone choosing such different and amazing ideas to do their 6 hours of running.

The weekend was started with most likely the first 2 in the world to complete their Virtual run, with both the President of AURA Ewan Horsburgh and Kristen Brace starting on the stroke of midnight to run through the night and finish up with a great sunrise as well. Their run was a mix of trails and roads in the world Heritage Blue Mountains NP, with both even managing to have a well needed coffee waiting for them halfway through the evening.

We were also witness to some great distances as well, with both Joe Ward who achieved a total of 79.6km and Stephen Redfern achieving a total of 74.1km choosing to run a Track 6hr race and both gaining personal bests.

We also had our Victorian runners, who with some strict restriction, had to be creative with their choices of runs. They ranged from Donna Urquhart running 400 laps in the backyard to raise support for her colleagues - frontline physios treating patients in Melbourne with COVID. Both Amelia Griffith and Karen Mickle, being limited with the one hour max, decided to make the most with a lap of their favourite park and lake. Luckily in country Victoria they were able to enjoy some more time outdoors and we had 2 runners in both Greg Wilson who achieved 65.5km and Patrick O’Leary achieving 55.1km making the most of being able to run loops in their area.

Over in Western Australia we had 2 runners with Julia Mackay and Harmony Waite, both enjoying running their 6hrs along the local Trails. Julia managed to compete in a Perth Series trail race and continued on after the finish line to make up the time and Harmony ran on the Heritage Kep Trail seeing how far she was able to make it, with a reward of reaching the Famous Bakery after 51.1km and having a well earned Pie.

Up in Queensland, we had one of our biggest groups, with all 4 choosing to run together enjoying all the sights of the Brisbane river which run right through the middle of the city after starting at the Botanical Gardens.
Cassie Smith, Matthew Eckford, Dan Symonds and Barry Loveday, also joined by a great support of friends, showed the true spirit and solidarity of the race.

Finally back in Sydney our last 2 runners, Heather Hawkins and Jeremy Rankin, ran with a theme and both spelled out letters and words for their support of a great cause. Heather who enjoyed running 56.6km with laps of the beautiful Centennial Park was able to produce the letter “O” in support of Ovarian Cancer, whilst Jeremy went one further, producing some great Strava Art after achieving 60.7km with the full words of “Run Against Violence”

The weekend has just been amazing and AURA: Australian Ultra Runners Association was so proud to have everyone really enjoy getting into the spirit of the race and watched lifelong friendships form.

Thank you everyone, and all who supported this great event nationally.

Men Team
Joe Ward 79.67 km
Stephen Redfern 74.11 km
Greg Wilson 65.59 km
Jeremy Rankin 60.70 km
Matthew Eckford 60.67 km
Dan Symonds 60.17 km
Barry Loveday 60.67 km
Patrick O’Leary 55.12 km
Ewan Horsburgh 51.90 km

Female Team
Heather Hawkins 56.61 km
Kristen Brace 51.94 km
Harmony Waites 51.14 km
Donna Urquhart 42.20 km
Karen Mickle 36.30 km
Cassie Smith 32.04 km
Julia Mackay 25.60 km
Amelia Griffiths 11.01 km

Ewan Horsburgh
Team Manager

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IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Run Australia
Ewan Horsburgh and Kristen Brace
Ewan Horsburgh and Kristen Brace
IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Run Australia
IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Run Australia
IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Run Australia
IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Run Australia

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