First Virtual IAU Executive Council Meeting in 2022

On January 30th, 2022 the IAU Executive Council had its first virtual meeting in 2022. This was the opening meeting for 2022. We continue our practice to have a regular virtual meeting to consider all the global situation and our plans for the year and beyond.

There were several points discussed during the productive one and a half hour meeting with focus on upcoming championships. Below you can see the main points from discussion.

The meeting opened with short updated around the table from all IAU Council members on situation in countries and regions. It was followed by Directors updates on respective fields

  • Banking updates
  • IAU Honorary Members
  • WMA Agreement
  • 2022 IAU 6H Virtual Global Solidarity Weekend
  • IAU Championships updates

The next IAU Council meeting will take place in next 5-7 weeks


IAU Executive Council

February 9th, 2022

First Virtual IAU Executive Council Meeting in 2022

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