First Virtual IAU Executive Council (2021-2025) Meeting

First Virtual IAU Executive Council (2021-2025) Meeting - June 5th 2021

First Virtual IAU Executive Council (2021-2025) Meeting

On June 5th, 2021 the IAU Executive Council elected for period 2021-2025 met at virtual meeting. There were several points discussed over the productive two-hour meeting.

The IAU President, Nadeem Khan started with welcome and introduction of all Council members. The main objective for the first meeting was to introduce all members of the council and agree on Council Members portfolios. There had been discussion with all individuals on their goals, experience, and aspirations. Further work to come on the IAU Committees to support IAU activities.

It was agreed that the portfolios would be as follows:

  • Robert Boyce – Vice President, additional Protocol and Finance portfolios.
  • Hilary Walker – General Secretary and liaise with our partners


  • Jacek Bedkowski – Director of Communication
  • Paco Rico – Director of Technical Operations.
  • Diana Amza – Director of Competition.
  • Aboud Said Hilmy – Director of Marketing and Global Development


  • Area Representatives:
    • Asia and Oceania – Nagaraj Adiga
    • Europe – Gregorio Zucchinali
    • Africa – Solomon Ogba
    • Americas – Fabian Campanini

The next IAU Council meeting will take place in two weeks’ time (19th or 20th June)

IAU Executive Council

June 7th, 2021

First Virtual IAU Executive Council (2021-2025) Meeting

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