Emily Torrence USA

Emily boasts an impressive athletic career with numerous accolades:

  • Multiple-time High School State Champion
  • College All-American
  • Represented the United States in World Championship teams across various distances, from cross country to the 100k
  • Notably, she clinched the title of 50k World Champion, a testament to her prowess in ultrarunning.
  • Member of IAU Athlets Commission, elected as Chair of the Commission

Emily Torrence's journey into the world of running began in 7th grade, driven by a love for distance running that ignited during middle school track. Encouraged by her mother, who herself was an ultrarunner, Emily initially explored various track events including the 4x400m relay, 1 mile, and 2-mile races. Her decision to focus on distance running stemmed from a natural inclination towards endurance over sprinting.

Influenced by her mother's involvement in ultrarunning and supported by her husband Ian Torrence, Emily took on her first ultramarathon, the iconic JFK 50 Mile—a race that held sentimental value as her mother had also run it. This marked the beginning of Emily's venture into longer distances, where she excels in both road and trail ultramarathons.

Emily and her husband Ian co-founded Sundog Running in 2017, a coaching business rooted in personalized training methods tailored to individual athletes. They prioritize understanding each athlete's unique needs to optimize their performance and balance in training.

Emily's upcoming race schedule includes diverse challenges such as the Black Hills 30k (trail), Leading Ladies Marathon (road marathon), and the JFK 50 Mile. These races reflect her versatility and passion for both road and trail running.

Beyond competition, Emily serves as the assistant race director for the Flagstaff to Grand Canyon Stagecoach Line events. Her role involves meticulous planning and coordination of logistics—from aid station preparation to volunteer management—to ensure the smooth execution of the 100-mile race, a role she undertakes with dedication and expertise.

For Emily, running is a dynamic journey encompassing various terrains and distances, each offering unique challenges and rewards. Her commitment to the sport extends beyond personal achievement to fostering a supportive community environment essential for all runners.

Emily Torrence epitomizes the spirit of endurance and community in ultrarunning. From her early days discovering her passion on the track to becoming a decorated ultrarunner and race organizer, Emily continues to inspire athletes worldwide with her achievements and dedication to the sport.


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