Deanné Laubscher RSA

Deanné Laubscher, a proud representative of South Africa and ultramarathons and long-distance running. She is running for Nedbank running club. Her journey into the running world began unexpectedly when, as an intern, she was invited by one of her patients to participate in a local running event. Despite it being her inaugural race, Deanné ran the 21.1km and emerged as the victor, igniting a deep passion for running that would significantly alter the course of her life.

Inspired by the dedication of fellow runners preparing for the Comrades Marathon at her local running club, Deanné decided to take on the challenge, considering it the ultimate human race. Her love for running extends to both road and trail ultras, where she finds immense joy in exploring new places, pushing her limits, and experiencing the unique energy of running events. Running not only clears her mind, aids in decision-making, and keeps her motivated, but also rekindles the excitement of childhood.

Deanné's dedication and commitment to the sport she loves are further evidenced by her representation of South Africa in various ultramarathons. Notably, she is a member of the IAU Athletes Commission, where she contributes to the sport at an administrative level. Her prowess in running is exemplified by her swift 2:47 marathon, showcasing her strength across all distances.

As she gears up to participate in the upcoming Comrades Marathon in June, Deanné Laubscher continues to embody the transformative power of running and the thrill of challenging oneself to achieve extraordinary feats in the world of ultramarathons.

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