28th Lupatotissima Press Release of April 21st 2022

In 2022, VERONA will host the 23rd IAU 24-hour European Championships on 17/18 September and this will be the official name of the 2022 edition, while keeping intact the sports rights of the Lupatotissima, now in its 28th edition.

The program of the 2022 edition includes, as announced, two Ultramarathon road races:

  • the 23rd IAU 24H European Championship
  • the 24-hour OPEN road race (max 100 places available)

We would like to announce that the registration / reservations already started on February 1st for the OPEN 24-hour road race of the 28th edition of Lupatotissima 2022, scheduled at the same time as the IAU 24H European Championship (17/18 Sep).

The setting for this historic international event will be, like last year, the Adolfo Consolini Athletics Field, 800 meters from the city center of Verona, 800 meters from the Verona Porta Nuova railway station and 10 minutes by car from the Verona Sud exit (A4 motorway ).

We have also confirmed and secured the course measurement being 1,525.48 meter course, introduced last year and certified on 31 July 2021 by the Fidal measurer Massimo Dongilli. The course was also certified internationally on December 28, 2021 by the WA and AIMS international measurer Fidal Judge Stefano Bassan. In the dedicated section of the Ultramarathon website (www.lupatotissima.it/Ultramaratona.html) you will find the accurate report and certificates for the course.


As announced at the beginning of this press release, we started the registration already from February 1st for the OPEN race (100 places available, number authorized by the IAU), with the following fees:

  • 60 euros (from 1 February to 30 June)
  • 70 euros (from 1st July to 31st July)

with the obligation to pay a deposit of at least € 20.00 upon sending the registration and booking form; the balance must be paid by the expiry dates of the two different fees schedule.

Those who were required to postpone the amount paid on the occasion of the last two editions of 2020 and 2021 of the Lupatotissima, can deduct those amounts from the Fees indicated above, in any case by sending - WITHIN 30th APRIL - the signed registration form, the booking, bank documentation and health suitability documentation if already available.

Payments for the OPEN race must be made by bank transfer to the current account 4463054, in the name of

Gruppo Sportivo Dilettantistico Mombocar, at Unicredit Spa,

IBAN code IT 86 G 02008 11730 000004463054


Both in the case of an athlete's renunciation of participation (post registration) in the 2022 edition, sent at least 10 days before the race, and in the case of cancellation of the 2022 event due to provisions of the authorities, the amount paid will be fully re-proposed to 2023. In case of waiver of participation (post registration) of the athlete in the 2022 edition, not communicated before the race, the amount paid will be re-proposed for half to 2023.

For info, please consult the event website www.lupatotissima.it

The Entry form, together with the required attachments (bank transfer copy and certificate copy), must be sent to lupatotissima@gmail.com

The assignment received by the IAU to host the 2022 European 24-hour European Championship and the related organizational needs in terms of accommodation and logistics prevent us from carrying out the 24-12-6 x 1 hour relay race and the Ultramarathons as well 6 hours and 12 hours run, all of which will return in 2023.


Local Organisation Committee


April 21st, 2022

28th Lupatotissima Press Release of April 21st 2022
28th Lupatotissima Press Release of April 21st 2022

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