2022 IAU 6H Global Virtual Solidarity Weekend Austria

Despite the pandemic Austria’s ultrarunning community has managed to hold both the national ultrarunning championships in 2021 (100 k in April in Langenzersdorf and 24 hours in July in Bad Blumau together with the German national championships). However, we all have missed the possibility to compete on the international level and to meet ultrarunning friends from all over the world. Therefore, Ultrarunning Austria again welcomed the opportunity of a global ultrarunning event. When Global Run Weekend arrived five of them lined up at different locations across Austria

Karin Freitag, * 1980, LG Decker Itter

With over ten national championships during her career Karin has also conquered both Austrian national ultrarunning championships in 2021 in 8:16:17 (100 km) and 203,61 km (24H). Her personal marathon best stands at 2:42:26 h (Frankfurt 2015), in 2016 she ranked 4th in the 100 km IAU World Championships in Los Alcazares with a personal best of 7:45:58.

Karin chose to run on a loop of 1,1 k on a field near her home in Hall in Tyrol. For 5 k her children joined her, another 10 k she was accompanied by her husband. Karin’s aim was to get accustomed to running in loops at constant pace in preparation of the 100 k national championships on April 30, 2022 in Langenzersdorf. And constant loops she did! After six hours at a pace of 4:59 min/per kilometer Karin finished at 72 k. Great job, chapeau!

Melanie Schöppl, * 1980, CLR Sauwald Cofain699

Melanie has debuted in the ultrarunning scene with a remarkable 53,41 km in 6 hours. The pandemic has put her competitive efforts on halt. Just recovered from COVID 19 she joined Team Austria together with Günter Dieplinger on a challenging course (300 m elevation) in Wernstein am Inn where she has set a new personal best of 56,03 k.

Markus Hartlauer, * 1977, ASKÖ Laufwunder Steyr

Giving his ultrarunning debut in 2014 Markus has made significant progress in the last three years. In 2019 he set Austria’s 48 h seasonal best with 306 km. 2020 he finished fourth at the Austrian national championships in Blumau reaching 207.16 km. In 2021 together with his teammates from Askö Laufwunder Steyr he won an Austrian national team championship title in the 100 k. There is a high chance that he will represent Austria at this year’s IAU 24h European Championships in Verona.

Like in 2021 Markus lined up at 6 a.m. on a cold and windy Saturday morning at Stadtgut Steyr in Upper Austria, which has been the location of one of Austria’s traditional 100 k and 6 h ultradistance races (even in 2021!).

Low in expectations, I surprised myself, managing to cross the marathon distance after 3.20 hrs and clocking the 50 k in less than four hours. Due to the heavy and cold wind I decided to call it a day after 60 k, but I really enjoyed being part of a global field.

Markus Hartlauer

Dietmar Korntner, * 1973, Sk Vöest

Debuting in ultrarunning 2011 Didi set remarkable performances between 2015 and 2017 culminating in 2016 when he set Austria’s seasonal bests for 6 h (81.781 km) and 24 h (243,068 km). He was the last Austrian reaching more than 240 k. He represented Austria at several IAU Championships. Didi has expressed deep concerns about the actual global situation and the team manager of team Austria agreed that Speedy-Didi posted the following statement instead of running:

It is a very fragile situation in the very heart of Europe. None of us know, if and when, the Ukraine crisis may reach our own borders, our own lives. Therefore, and after weeks of considerations, I chose to set aside the thing I like most, running, for spending quality time with the people closest to me, seeking rest and peace for them and myself.

Let us focus and unite our strength and energy to solve this one of a kind challenge together: providing shelter, boarding, lodging, and work for millions of refugees, therapies for the traumatized, integration for those who want to stay, and, at the end of the war, aid for rebuilding their country.

For me, there are issues more important than running at the moment.

Dietmar Korntner

Günter Dieplinger, * 1970, CLR Sauwald Cofain699

Günter who has represented Austria in the IAU 24 hrs World Championships in Albi 2019 has been a constant force on the Austrian ultrarunning scene. His personal best over the 24 hour distance is at 206,12 k.

Just recovered from COVID-19 and a surgery three weeks before he teamed with Melanie Schöppl and delivered a remarkable 64,3 km, just enjoying to be able to run for six hours straight.


Results Team Austria


  • Karin Freitag 72.00 km
  • Melanie Schöppl 56.03 km


  • Markus Hartlauer 60.00 km
  • Günter Dieplinger 64.30 km


The Team completed 252,3 km


Jacek Bedkowski

IAU Director of communication

2022 IAU 6H Global Virtual Solidarity Weekend Austria
2022 IAU 6H Global Virtual Solidarity Weekend Austria
2022 IAU 6H Global Virtual Solidarity Weekend Austria
2022 IAU 6H Global Virtual Solidarity Weekend Austria
2022 IAU 6H Global Virtual Solidarity Weekend Austria
2022 IAU 6H Global Virtual Solidarity Weekend Austria

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